(Effective September 2021)

Membership Deposit:

Employee Membership $250.00
Family Membership $350.00

Monthly Membership Dues:

$35.00/month per member

Aircraft Rental Rates*(including fuel):

Model 170B (1 unit) $90.00/hr
Model 172S Skyhawk (8 units) $80.00/hr
Model 182T Skylane (4 units) $110.00/hr
Model T206H Turbo Stationair (1 unit) $156.00/hr
Model G36 Bonanza (2 units) $184.00/hr

*Posted aircraft rental rates do not include appropriate sales tax.
Rates based on hobbs time (tach time, for aircraft not equipped with a hobbs).

Offsite fuel reimbursement rate: $4.50/gal

Scheduling Fee:

Hourly (up to 7 hours max per reservation) $4.00/hour
Extended: 1st & 2nd consecutive days $28.00/day

Dual Instruction, Pre- and Post-Flight Briefing:

Set by the CFI, but generally $40.00-$52.50/hr

Miscellaneous Fees (not limited to the following):

Failure to Cancel Reservation Prior to its Start Full Schedule Fee for the duration of the reservation (ref: By-Law Art VII, Sect 7), plus an additional $20 fee for repeat offenders (ref: 07-21-2008 BOD Minutes)
Late Return of Aircraft $30.00 (ref: By-Law Art VII, Sect 6)
Failure to Install Control Lock $20.00 (ref: 03-21-2016 BOD Minutes)
Excessively Dirty Airplane $50.00 (ref: 08-21-2006 BOD Minutes)

Late Payment Policy

For payments received after the first day of the month: 1.75% interest is applied to balance due and for balances greater than $50.00, an additional $25.00 charge will be applied.